About DTS-Optimizer

Data Transmission System (DTS) concept based on hierarchical layered memory architecture.

SKY-Hive provides maximum mining hashrates through multiple optimization techniques and their implementation.
This was announced at the IEEE GCCE 2018 International Conference and has already verified over 250 cryptocurrencies.

CPU Optimizer

SKY-Hive CPU Optimization technique utilizes Instruction level parallel, Thread level Parallels on mining ware and Data Transmission L3 cache layer implementation Kernel drivers. In the case of SHA256d on i-Core 7 Intel CPU, more than 551% enhanced its hash rate. applied crypto currencies are more than 250 coins. Sky-Hive will provide these optimized mining ware to SKY-Net members.

GPU Optimizer

SKY-Hive GPU optimizer provides all of parts of solution for GPU in the market. There are two manufactures, AMD and NVIDIA. Both of case, SKY-Hive supported. We evaluated more than100 types of coins, SKY Net member can access these optimization codes.

Asic Optimizer

It was planned to provide highest hash rate mining ware for ASICs in the market by the request of mining user in Sky-Net. SHA 256d based ASICs such as S9 was planned already. The main difference between mining ASICs and CPUs and GPUs is that the mining ASICs don’t have all the extra‘bloat’that make CPUs and GPUs so versatile. mining ASIC’s efficiency is gained because all of its computing resources can be optimized for a single well-defined task.