Problems of crypto mining

Unstable network
Huge power consumption
Centralized chain

SKYHASH technology solves these problems

brings back
True Decentralized Sovereignty
and re-creates
World Mining Economy


The Ultimate Platform That Shapes The True Decentralization

SKY-NET is an one-stop platform designed for enabling users to access multiple services. Not only users who mine but also the average Crypto users can join our services via Cloud Mining, or Hosting Service. We will develop and provide our services for the various kinds of users to mine, keep, exchange, trade, and transfer assets with P2P in a seamless way.

World's greatest and most unique mining platform

SKY-NET provides you a SKY-Wallet which is crypto currency wallet. Each member of SKY-NET has their own SKY-Wallet and store the value of crypto currency which they are holding by themselves. A member can utilize their coins to own mining, SKY-Hosting, SKY-Cloud and SKY-Exchange. The advantage of a SKY-NET member is the possibility to utilize the most effective mining hashrate with rewards using SKY-Net's own Pool to maintain high rewards rate and re investment for mining inside the SKY-NET environment. This development for the platform started in 2016.


Mining solution where anyone can get the world's best hashrate

Optimization technology and appropriate monitoring, control with AI

SKY-Hive has integrated "Orchestration of Optimization Workflow" (O2W) and "Optimization system" and "AI", so that all users can be mined most efficiently. O2W uses multiple monitoring systems and control systems suited to the needs of large operators to provide multiple services, including smart UI / UX and detailed status, to stably optimize the user's interests, controls the state of the mining rig machine, the hashrate, and all its mining programs, through a centralized server. You can use the highest hashrate and management system without experience or knowledge.

Maximized Mining

SKY-Hive provides the Maximized Mining hashrate by multiple optimization technique and its implementation. SKY-Hive will provide these optimized mining ware to SKY-NET members.

Centralized Rig machine control (O2W)

SKY-Hive integrates “Orchestration of Optimization Workflow” (O2W), and enables every user to mine with the most efficiency easily. O2W provides the multiple service, including smart UI/UX and the status in detail with the monitoring system and control system that meet the needs for the large-scale operators to the individuals, which will optimize the user’s profits stably.

Monitoring (O2W-AI)

O2W-AI function of Artificial Intelligence using Deep Neural Network learns the behavior of cryptocurrency rewards and its hashrate. Then recommend the most effectively mineable coin after every 12 hours.

About RIGcoin2

RIGcoin2 is mineable coin which is utilized original blockchain.

RIGcoin owner can participate in the pre-mining term which is the first six months before making the RIG2 mining operation public. The advantage of RIGcoin2 owners is the chance to obtain access to the pre-mining of Rigcoin.
RIGcoin is a coin required to use SKY-Hive.